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Travel is NOT as expensive as people think. San Francisco Hostels Club scours San Francisco for the cheapest events, shows and deals that most travelers don’t know about. Our site is also packed with travel tips to help you discover the rest of the world after your visit here - without spending much money at all. Let’s start your world trip!

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Free Ramen Noodles

Go ahead, slurp, we don't mind.

Guest Kitchen

Something smells good.

Full Service Laundry

Go explore SF and leave the dirty work to us

Free Luggage Storage

Free luggage storage day-of checkout

Free Tea & Coffee

Because, caffeine.

Free Sandwiches

Yummy Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches All Day

Free Towels

Nobody likes traveling with a wet towel. Use ours instead.

Free sock wash

Keep your feet- and dormmates- happy
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Low-Cost Traveler's Quarantine Rooms

During the “Shelter in Place” order, we are offering low-cost traveler's quarantine rooms with a 14-day minimum stay. These are spacious 8-bed dorm rooms that we are currently renting as private rooms. We have added a desk and dresser to make your stay as comfortable as possible. If you are a budget traveler who has just returned from an international trip, need to self-quarantine before returning home, are currently free of symptoms please call us at 415-472-9084 to discuss the possibility of sheltering in place at our hostel. The video below shows the COVID-19 prevention protocols we are using in our hostel to help keep housemates and guests safe and healthy.

Please note, sheltering in place requires that all guests obey our house rules and orders from the health authorities to prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone as safe as possible. We are working to make life in the hostel as comfortable as possible. We do not accept walk-ins. All guests arriving at the hostel must have a reservation by calling the number above.