Complete List of all Hostels in San Francisco In case you can't stay with us, here is a list we put together for you. About This List


Pacific Tradewinds Hostel

This is our hostel. Pacific Tradewinds Hostel is the smallest hostel in the city. The atmosphere here is extremely friendly and personable. Guests tell us the experience feels like visiting friends. In fact, by the end of your stay, it's quite likely you will have met nearly everyone in the...
(225 Google Reviews)

Green Tortoise Hostel

This is the closest hostel to Pacific Tradewinds Hostel and if we had to choose the best San Francisco party hostel, Green Tortoise would most likely be our pick! The hostel is very inclusive and welcoming. So much so, they even sometimes invite our guests to join them at their parties. They have a...
(871 Google Reviews)

Hostelling International - Downtown

This hostel located immediately adjacent to the bustling shopping district of Union Square. To create this snazzy urban oasis, Hostelling International did a huge renovation on the Virginia Hotel. They provide free continental breakfast and two movies in their hostel movie theater nightly.
(1218 Google Reviews)

Hostelling International - Fisherman's Wharf

Formally called the Fort Mason Hostel, this hostel is oldest hostel still in operation today. It’s a little further from the city center than other hostels, however, because it’s located next to the San Francisco Bay it hands down has the best view of any hostel. This is also the only hostel with...
(906 Google Reviews)

USA Hostels San Francisco

This hostel chain operates professionally run hostels in Hollywood, San Diego and San Francisco. The fit and finish of this hostel is superb. Each time we have visited we’ve been impressed with the facilities and how hard the staff work to keep this large hostel running smoothly. USA hostels boasts...
(830 Google Reviews)

Hostelling International - City Center

This hostel describes itself as being a little off the beaten path in the Tenderloin district. Set in a 1920’s era boutique hotel, the lobby is absolutely amazing. It’s decorated with marble-tiled floor and mahogany-railed mezzanine. For breakfast, they offer $1 all-you-can-eat pancakes or eggs.
(720 Google Reviews)

Adelaide Hostel

Formerly a European style pension, the Adelaide provides a good combination of low-cost and comfort near Union Square. This hostel has a nice mix of dorms and private rooms catering to backpackers, budget business and leisure travelers, and families. Some rooms are configured like traditional hotel...
(592 Google Reviews)

Orange Village Hostel

Located less than 10 minutes on foot from Union Square, this small hostel offers both dorms and private rooms.
(524 Google Reviews)

Pod Room

While this is not actually a hostel, there are a lot of people talking about so we thought we should include it here. The Pod Room is San Francisco’s first capsule hotel. Not sure what options exist at a capsule hotel for socializing, but we hope to get a tour of their facilities soon.
(13 Google Reviews)

Amsterdam Hostel

This hostel was originally named the Amsterdam Hotel and they still have private hotel rooms, it seems most of their rooms were converted to shared hostel accommodation. We don’t know a lot about the Amsterdam Hostel but we occasionally hear from guests who like their affordable prices and long-...
(681 Google Reviews)

European Hostel

This hostel is located on a narrow street South of Market. It’s an older hostel that actually predates our hostel. It’s been through a number of different owners since then. We don’t get much feedback from travellers about this hostel so we don’t have anything helpful to share.
(376 Google Reviews)

San Francisco Hostels

Our primary goal at Pacific Tradewinds is to make sure budget travelers have a great time in San Francisco, whether they choose to stay at our hostel or not. 

We also understand that the intensely social atmosphere at  Pacific Tradewinds Hostel may not be the perfect fit for every traveler.  Or, it may not be possible to stay with us because we are frequently full.  Therefore, we have created a complete list of all hostels in San Francisco.

There are many great hostels in San Francisco and, as you will be able to tell from our detailed hostel descriptions, we have personally visited some of these hostels.  You will also find hostels that we know very little about. These hostels will have little to no description. In other words, just because a hostel is on this list doesn't mean we are recommending it. So which are the best hostels in San Francisco?  Well, personally we are too biased to answer this this question for you.  But think about it, in all honesty everyone is looking for something a little different when it comes to choosing a hostel. Our best advice is for to do your own research and choose the hostel that you feel is best for you.  Hopefully this list will help. 

While our hostel is listed at the top (because we are biased), all other hostels are listed alphabetically.  

Happy Travels.