Coronavirus Outbreak: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Hostels

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Coronavirus Outbreak: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Hostels

Unless you live under a literal rock, chances are you've heard of the Coronavirus. Many people all over the world are cancelling trips and postponing travel plans. We get it - it's scary! However, there are more deaths reported annually from the flu than there have been from Coronavirus. Would you cancel a trip because you were worried about getting the flu? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been 20,000 worldwide deaths from the flu since October 1, 2019. CNN reports that as of March 10, 2020, there have been 4,000 deaths as a result of the Coronavirus. Intead of cancelling travel plans altogether, if you are not traveling to a place where there have been many reported cases, keep yourself informed and make sure you know how to stay healthy every time you travel. Not just when there's a virus outbreak, but every single time. 

According to the CDC, here are some important steps you can take to make sure you stay healthy on your travels, now and all the time.

1. Wash your hands!

Clean those bad boys up! You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water after you get off a plane or a bus, before and after you eat, after you've been in a public place like a hostel common room, and - duh - after you use the restroom. Washing your hands is just a good thing to do all the time. 

2. But keep them off your face

The CDC recommends that you avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Even if you have washed your hands recently, it's a good idea to keep your hands away from your face anyway. Little bits of dirt can get under your fingernails and then get into your nose or mouth, and we don't want that.

3. Let hand sanitzier be your new best friend

When you're traveling, sometimes it's hard to have access to a sink with soap. Get in the habit of carrying hand sanitizer everywhere you go. Buy a travel-sized one and carry it in your backpack, suitcase, day bag, and anything else you might have in the hostel or out in the world with you when you travel. Especially when you are on a shuttle or in a plane with lots of people, wipe those hands down with hand sanitizer after touching the seat, door handles, or communal items such as airplane menus and magazines.

4. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze - seriously!

We hope you do this already! Every time you sneeze or coubh, make sure you turn away from others and do it in the inside of your elbow. And - you know what we're going to say - wash your hands after. Every. Time. Or, use hand sanitizer. Keep yourself and others around you healthy!

5. And, if you are sick - stay home!

Of course, if you are sick yourself, stay home so you yourself can get better, and so you don't infect other travelers. The CDC recommends if you are sick and you MUST leave the house, make sure you wear an N95 mask at all times. 

Stay safe out there, everyone. Happy travels.

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