Walking the Golden Gate Bridge


Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

Well it was time to do it, even though I felt a little nervous. Really- I mean I am not getting any younger and that bridge has been there for a long time. I mean, people really admire it and think it is something pretty special so I decided to take a look up close and walk across. Hooray for me because it was really fun.

My Golden Gate Bridge Certificate

This is what needs to done before a GG bridge walk:

SUNSCREEN- you think it is foggy and you won’t get a sunburn- WRONG- wear the sunscreen- I promise you will thank me later.

Bring a hat or something to hold your hair in place- it is very windy and whipping hair is never fun and always is a sight when you are done with your stroll

Wear comfortable shoes- it is a good 3 miles round trip.

Bring a jacket or windbreaker to combat the above mentioned wind and fog even if it is hot where you currently are.

Bring the camera- everyone has their own expert photos from the GG bridge- it is fun trying to capture the bridge looking her best.

Use the loo at the visitor’s station on each side- there is no place to take a powder break on the bridge if you know what I mean. The ladies room is closed 3 times a day for cleaning-

Yikes- I was lucky and it was both open and clean.

Bring a little cash if you want a souvenir or snack- they have some drinks and chips and stuff on the SF side.

Here is what surprised me: People put padlocks with hearts and initials on the bridge to signify their love- So Romantic

Love Locks on the Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

Here is what I did not like- a little noisy when big buses went by

Here is what I loved- seeing so many people from all over the world experiencing something beautiful together.   When I was finished, I received a cerificate commemorating the accomplishment.   

Hope You Have FUN!!!!!

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