Visit Exploratorium Free on First Wednesdays

Antonette Loresca

Visit Exploratorium Free on First Wednesdays

Visit the original home of the Exploratorium before they move to pier 15/17 of the San Francisco waterfront in 2013. Every first Wednesdays are free but groups of 10 or more are required to make reservations due to capacity limit.

Dr. Frank Oppenheimer develop a "library of experiments" while teaching at a university in which students could explore physical phenomena, convinced of the need for public museums to supplement science curricula at all levels, granted $50,000 from the San Francisco Foundation and opened the Exploratorium in 1969 at The Palace of Fine Arts.

The Exploratorium is a museum of Art and Science incorporated to support a culture of experimentation and collaboration, inspire curiosity and understanding, and stimulate fresh ideas and directions.

-       It exhibits including human perception, the life sciences and physical phenomena.

-       It provides education-based programs by training teachers and the Institute for Inquiry through workshops for professional development for educators and the library of resources for inquiry teaching and learning.

-       It collaborated with artists to develop original exhibits, performances, installations, and media projects.

-       It was one of the first museums to build a site on the web as an extension of the experiences on the museum's floor and provides "real" experiences for online audiences.

-       Developing learning opportunities for the community through Explainer Programs to enhance the experiences of visitors and provide training in communication, inquiry-based learning, and leadership; Community Outreach Program to provide science and art activities; Lifelong Learning Programs to nurture curiosity and exploration with classes, workshops, excursions, and day camps designed for all ages of audiences; Afterschool activities and Homeschool Program offers hands-on workshops for families.

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