Luggage Storage in San Francisco

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Luggage Storage in San Francisco

There’s so much to see in San Francisco it’d be a shame to not use every minute of your visit to explore! Many travelers depart the city late in the day, leaving them to wonder what to do with their luggage at checkout. No one wants to traipse our crazy hills dragging a suitcase or wearing a big backpack!

If you are a guest at Pacific Tradewinds, we have you covered. We have free luggage storage on the day of arrival before check-in is available, and the entire day of check-out until midnight. So feel free to explore away!


Are you leaving San Francisco for a side trip to Yosemite or somewhere else nearby and don’t want to bring your entire suitcase? We also offer guests long-term luggage storage in San Francisco for $1 per day, per bag, with a minimum of $5. You can either utilize this before your stay, if you have an upcoming reservation or after your stay if you have a returning reservation.


What about if you aren’t a guest staying with us? There are still options for San Francisco luggage storage for you too!


San Francisco Luggage Storage:


When it comes to luggage storage there are 4 options that we know about.  We are going to rank these options in order of convenience and how much information we have about the service.  


Bounce Luggage Storage

We recently became aware of Bounce and they seem to be doing big things in terms of luggage storage. Bounce offers 50+ locations to store your luggage in San Francisco. Bounce partners with local hotels and shops to open up space all over the city for maximum convenience. You can book directly through their website or download their iPhone App or Android App. Bounce offers $5,000 insurance on every booking and your bags are tagged with security seals. Bounce offers us a small commission on each bag storage you reserve with these links, so if this blog post was helpful to you, we'd really appreciate your support! Here are the most popular locations to store your luggage with Bounce in San Francisco:

SFO Airport
The "Airport Travel Agency" offers luggage storage at the International Terminal departures level, Pre-Security in the Main Hall. The rates vary anywhere from $15-35 per item, per 24 hours depending on the size. We’ve read they take anything from suitcases and surfboards to bicycles, but best to check with them for details. Their hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. Phone: 650.877.0422. They also offer some other services such as boxes for bikes and wine, and a notary. More details


California Welcome Center
A cheap short-term luggage storage solution is the California Welcome Center on Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. They only charge $5-10 per item and will store your bags until 6:45pm. Their hours of operation are 9am-7pm daily. This is perfect for those travelers that fly out later in the day and want a few hours more to explore after checking out of their hotel. The CWC is located in Building B, Level, and they can be reached by phone at 2415.981.1280. Their website is
here, though it doesn’t have any other details other than stating they do offer the service.


Drop Bag To Us
One final San Francisco luggage storage option that’s in the city is
Drop Bag To Us, a company that offers not only a secure place to stash your bags but a handful of other services. These include some freebies, such as printing & wifi, as well as paid $10 showers which come with body wash, shampoo, and a towel. Perfect for van lifers who are coming into the city temporarily! Their luggage storage rates are $5 per small bag/$10 per large bag for the first day, and 50% off each additional day. Reservations are not necessary, and they even have a price calculator on their website along with exact bag dimensions so there are no surprises. You can find them between 9am and 10pm daily at 922 Folsom Street, Door 155, and reach them by phone at 628.444.3033.


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