Please Help Keep Our Small Ship Afloat​

Pacific Tradewinds

Please Help Keep Our Small Ship Afloat​

Our Pacific Tradewinds Hostel Community

The Pacific Tradewinds community needs your help!

Do you remember the first time you came up the stairs and walked into the common room of Pacific Tradewinds Hostel?

If our walls could talk they’d have almost 30 years of stories of travelers from every corner of the globe who found a true home away from home in San Francisco. 

From young first time backpackers kicking off around-the-world trips to multiple-decades seasoned travelers sharing their wild tales of adventure, and everyone in between. 

Our walls would laugh at all those crazy rounds of Cards Against Humanity each of you played, and the stories that came out the morning after your pub crawl through North Beach. 

They’d reminisce of the thousands of free PB&J sandwiches & bowls of ramen noodles keeping your shoestring budgets alive just a little longer, so you could fulfill your dream of biking over Golden Gate Bridge or riding the cable car down the hills of the city.  

They’d tell of the genuine connections you made and lifelong friendships formed over cups of morning tea, cheap bottles of beer, and lively homemade community dinners with staff that felt like family. 

They’d remember hearing the incredible music and spontaneous jam sessions you shared, and the invitations extended to fellow solo travelers so they wouldn’t be alone while exploring. 

They’d beam proudly at so many of you embodying the mantra ‘Be excellent to one another’ that’s colorfully painted above reception.  

They’d smile quietly and knowingly when you said this was the best hostel experience you’d ever had, and how sad you were to leave, having heard it so many times before. 

And if they could talk, they’d say how sad they were too.

Because each of you has imprinted a piece of you into our story, and made our small hostel of 28 years the wonderfully special place that it is. 

A nearly hidden gem, tucked perfectly between bustling Chinatown and vibrant North Beach, that embraces the wise words “There are no strangers here, just friends who haven't met yet.”

And if our walls could talk, they’d want you to know how much our hostel family is struggling and needs your help. 

COVID-19 has impacted the world in many difficult ways, including leaving our usually vibrant hostel completely empty. While we follow guidelines for the safety of our entire community, it has also left us rapidly with literally no income to pay the bills. 

So if your experience with us became a part of your story, please help us continue to tell ours! 

By purchasing a gift card for a future stay you will help ensure our hostel community can continue to thrive for all of the travelers yet to come. 

Don’t have plans to return to San Francisco? You can also purchase a gift card for a friend or family member. 

Not only will you be helping out our small business in this very trying time, but anyone who redeems a gift card in the future will get 25% off their entire stay when direct booking our hostel (regardless of the gift card amount!) 

And of course, we welcome any and all donations from those who wish to purchase gift cards not to redeem, but simply to give back to our community providing a safe, inclusive, and one of a kind San Francisco home away from home.  

As an extra thanks and to publicly show our appreciation, those who donate $50 or above will get a special shout out on our Instagram stories! (Cause if it’s not on the ‘gram did it even happen?)

Thank you in advance for your support of our tiny little hostel we all love so much. 

As a community, we will get through this, together. 

Until we meet again in the city by the Bay - we wish you world peace,

The Pacific Tradewinds Hostel Family


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