4 Things You Should Always Pack When You Stay In A Hostel

Jessica Nemire

4 Things You Should Always Pack When You Stay In A Hostel

So it’s your first time at a hostel. You’re a little less nervous after reading our post on what to expect in hostels, but you still have no idea what to pack. This post will go over the basics!

Most of what you need to bring with you to a hostel are the same things you would bring on any trip - socks, underwear, pajamas, cow onesie - or wait, maybe that last one is just us.

On top of the usual stuff you’d normally pack, there are some extra items you should throw in your backpack to be super prepared for your first stay at a hostel. 

1. A lock for your locker

Most hostels dorms include lockers, one for each bunk bed. This way, you can lock up your passport, wallet, cow onesie, etc. when you go out to keep them extra safe. Many hostel room lockers come with a lock already attached. If not, most hostels can rent or sell a lock to you at the reception desk. 

If you have a padlock already, you might as well bring it and save yourself a couple dollars. You can also check out the hostel's booking and/or Facebook pages ahead of time to see if they provide locks, and if not, what kind of locks its lockers use. 

2. Shower shoes

All hostels either have a toilet and bathroom in the room en-suite, or bathrooms in the halls of the hostels. Most hostels are cleaned every day to minimize the ick factor, but it’s still a shared shower, and also, shower floors are wet (go figure). For maximum safety and minimal chance of slipping, we recommend you pack a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower. 

And yes, hostel showers are always in individually-locking rooms or stalls. You will not be showering in front of strangers. The same goes for the toilets. Don’t worry. :)

3. Shampoo and conditioner

Most hostels don't provide shampoo and conditioner. However, when you book a bed in a hostel, take a look at the amenities and reviews listed on the booking site to see what’s included. Here at Pacific Tradewinds Hostel, we offer guests shampoo and conditioner left behind by other guests to use at our hostel and take with them on your travels, and we know a lot of other hostels do this too. How handy is that!

4. A towel

Many hostels have towels they can sell or rent to their guests. If you have room in your backpack or suitcase, feel free to bring a towel with you anyway. We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but check the website you booked on to see if the hostel has towels. If you're going on a longer trip and staying in lots of places, we recommend packing a towel just so you always have one. You don't want to get caught towel-less and end up having to dry yourself off with a T-shirt after your shower. Not that we've, uh, ever done that, or anything.

All hostels provide bedsheets and/or a blanket for your dorm bed, as well as a pillow, so there's no need to bring those. And thank heavens, because a pillow would be a pain in the neck to stuff into a backpack. Especially if you're squeezing your onesie in there too.

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