San Francisco Hostels

Our primary goal at Pacific Tradewinds is to make sure budget travelers have a great time in San Francisco, whether they choose to stay at our hostel or not. 

We also understand that the intensely social atmosphere at  Pacific Tradewinds Hostel may not be the perfect fit for every traveler.  Or, it may not be possible to stay with us because we are frequently full.  Therefore, we have created a complete list of all hostels in San Francisco.

There are many great hostels in San Francisco and, as you will be able to tell from our detailed hostel descriptions, we have personally visited some of these hostels.  You will also find hostels that we know very little about. These hostels will have little to no description. In other words, just because a hostel is on this list doesn't mean we are recommending it. So which are the best hostels in San Francisco?  Well, personally we are too biased to answer this this question for you.  But think about it, in all honesty everyone is looking for something a little different when it comes to choosing a hostel. Our best advice is for to do your own research and choose the hostel that you feel is best for you.  Hopefully this list will help. 

While our hostel is listed at the top (because we are biased), all other hostels are listed alphabetically.  

Happy Travels.

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