I have a car, is there somewhere that I can park it?

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Welcome to the second most difficult city for parking after New York! Like most hostels in the city, we do not have any on-site parking for our guests. However, we are experienced in helping our guests to find free parking in the city, but you should be prepared for a cross city trek.

Probably the easiest answer is not having a car in San Francisco. If it's a rental car, return it if you can. If it's your own car, park it on the outskirts and take a bus or subway into the city.

In the city, you'll find it's a parking nightmare. Having said that, if you do arrive with a car, we can direct you to the best place to park it based on how long you are staying, etc. There are a number of parking garages near us downtown, however the cost is about $30 per day. We know a couple of secret spots which we can share with our guests which are free, but they're a bit further afield. We'll give you a map though!

Unlike most places in the United States, San Francisco has tons of public transportation and is very small compared to other cities. Don't worry, you'll be fine without a car.

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