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Saturday 10 Dec 2011

Selenhelion: The Baddest Ass Lunar Eclipse Ever

Saturday 10 Dec 2011
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Pacific Tradewinds
Meeting Place: 
Hostel common room
Join us atop Pacific Tradewinds' crow's nest (rooftop deck), and hold on to your butts! We're about to get blown away by the cosmos. This year's second total lunar eclipse will be the Freddie Mercury of all lunar eclipses - a selenelion! A selenelion is an extremely rare opportunity to see a full lunar eclipse AND the rising sun - AT THE SAME TIME. This is especially insanely amazing because science tells us that, in order for a full lunar eclipse to occur, the Sun, Earth, and Moon all need to be aligned (they call this, hilariously, a "syzygy" ) - so how can we see all three at once?! All will be explained in the wee hours of Saturday morning, as we huddle together with blankets and hot cocoa on top of Pacific Tradewinds Hostel, to see one of the coolest cosmological events of the year!