Bitcoin Transactions - Help for Staff

This page is intended for Pacific Tradewinds Hostel staff.    
Notes for Making a Reservation w/ Bitcoin: 
When you make the reservation, the Reservation Source will be 'Courtesy'. This means HostelSnap will not ask you for any cash or card payment. You MUST write a note in the reservation saying "First night was already paid by Bitcoin; check in the guest w/ 100% Bitcoin discount." 
Notes for Checking in a Guest w/ Bitcoin:

If they are staying multiple nights, they need to either pay the additional nights also with Bitcoin (on arrival), or you need to first check them in for only 1 night (w/ the 100% discount) and then add on any additional nights with cash or credit card. 

The deposit will always need to be paid cash or credit card. 
How to Accept Bitcoin:
Accepting Bitcoin as payment is easy.  Here are the steps:
1.  First, convert the amount of USD that needs to be paid into Bitcoin using a conversation tool like
Don't forget that all Bitcoin transactions get 10% off; factor this into the total to be paid. 
Ex. if $100 USD needs to be paid, you will only charge $90. Convert $90 into Bitcoin. 
2.  Check our address on using this link to see how many Bitcoin transactions to our address currently exist and when the last transaction occurred.  (A new wallet was created in January 2015 and these links have been updated).
3.  Have the guest send their Bitcoin this address: 17duNSjTh5eKjoiUYh6aE5Z6Mpr7NNJyRK.  They can also use the QR code shown at right or on the FAQ page.  
4.  Refresh our page and you will see the number of transactions has increased and the latest transaction amount will be shown.   Confirm the amount of Bitcoin sent is correct.   
5.  Let Darren know that Bitcoin was received so he can note the equivalent US dollar income received for tax purposes.  
If you have any questions, just call Darren.   He loves to talk about Bitcoin!   Thanks. 
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