Videos From Our Guests and Staff

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Bob's Giant Donut Challenge

Manager Chadwick and two of our adventure loving guests decided to tackle the infamous Bob's Donut's giant donut challenge. Eat a huge a$$ donut in 3 mins to get a free t-shirt.
Making Greek Salad on a Skateboard

Dangerous Downhill Greek Salad Recipe

Filmed in Pacific Tradewinds Hostel and in beautiful San Francisco, Daniel Lyra filmed this episode of Gluten-Free Maestro. Kids don't try this at home.
domino fun pacific tradewinds hostel san francisco

Just Another Day at the Hostel

Domino time. This is what happens when everyone leaves the hostel common room.
Man Playing the Piano in a Pub

A night at Specs - One of our favorite classic pubs in San Francisco

We regularly take our guests out to various classic haunts in San Francisco. Specs is one of our favorites. This hidden gem is so rich with history they call it a museum.

San Francisco Backpacker Hostel - Pacific Tradewinds

A cheezy-campy introduction to our hostel which was 3rd best hostel in North American by users. Yippee!

Video Montage of Pacific Tradewinds - San Francisco

Short but sweet collection of photos and video clips that someone posted of our hostel.

Thanksgiving 2011

Our good friend and former guest Francois posted this video of Thanksgiving at Pacific Tradewinds Hostel 2011. You know the food is good when the common room fills up.
Our San Francisco Guests Enjoying Karaoke

The Small Hostel Atmosphere

Not sure how well it comes across in this video, but this is a typical evening at Pacific Tradewinds. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can sing.