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Mission Statement

In order to promote world peace, it's vital for citizens of the planet to find friendship and understanding across borders.  While travel seems to be the ideal and logical way for this to happen, travel merely to "see the sights” is not enough.  It's necessary for world citizens to meet one another in a genuine, safe and comfortable way in order for these friendships to form.  Conventional forms of tourism and hotel accommodation rarely meet this need because they seldom provide opportunities for genuine interaction between people.     

Our Mission Statement

Pacific Tradewinds Hostel continually strives to create a safe and comfortable community for bona-fide travelers from around the world.  Forming international friendships is the goal and we do this by facilitating an environment where social interaction is impossible to avoid.    In this community, we seek to learn how each person and their country fits into the global community and find ways to create and promote tolerance, understanding, global citizenship and environmental stewardship.   

We also want to show travelers that co-housing and living in community can actually be more fun and more ecologically sustainable than living alone.   Pacific Tradewinds is an extremely friendly home for travelers, where it's easy to meet other travelers and create amazing lifelong memories.