Felt Very Comfortable and Secure All the Time During My Stay at PTW

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Great first time at a hostel. All of the guys (and girl) in charge of the hostel management were great. My flight arrived later than it was supposed to and, although it wasn't his duty, Jose wait up for me to register and gave all the details of the place and some very useful tips. I had the chance to talk a little with Eri, Jose and Chadwick at different times (New Year ’s Eve afterhours Chinese meal, brunch and breakfast), and I found very nice, interesting and well-informed people in them. I felt very comfortable and secure all the time during my stay, and was very very pleased with the facilities and services provided by the hostel. The location couldn’t be better, and the rooms are very practical and comfortable if you don’t have any trouble sharing a room with 7 other people (which, in my case, were very respectful and not that smelly hehe)
Friday, March 3, 2017