Feels like Home and with Family Atmosphere in Pacific Tradewinds Hostel

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Hostel Guidebook review from South Korea
Attached guidebook review was excerpted from a Samsung published book sent by our friend from South Korea with below additional comment: Small but clean and would feel very comfortable atmosphere while you stay in this hostel. The staff in this hostel is kind so many backpackers love this place. Located nearby China town and one block away to cable car stop. You would find easy access to transportation. Internet is free, you can use the kitchen. Located in China town, you can easily miss this hostel because of small entrance. There are 38 co-ed dorms. The size of this hostel is really small so you would feel like home and family atmosphere on this place. Tea, coffee and internet are all free plus staffs are bright and kind. Unless you make a reservation (book) the room, you should arrive here before 0:30am the way you would get a room. On intersection point of Sacramento St. and Kearny St. you should go along Montgomery St.
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Friday, July 8, 2005