Our Favorite Things To Do in San Francisco

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Hiking at Lands End - Things to See

Take few minutes to relax, get inspired or just admire the sea from the other side of the city. Lands End is a park within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco. It is located between the Sutro District and Lincoln Park at the aperture of the Golden Gate, a barren shoreline filled with rocks. The place is well-maintained and safe for hiking, picnicking, sweating out, biking, bird-watching and dog walking, but be sure not to leave anything behind.


10 Most Visited Places in Golden Gate Park

Amidst the busy city of San Francisco lies more than a thousand acres of sand dunes turned to a massive green park of over 75,000 trees. Similar in shape of New York's central park but only larger, Golden Gate Park stretched from Ocean Beach to Stanyan St. Originally build as an ultimate haven away from the city's noise and commotion, ironically, it is now the 3rd most visited park in the U.S. with approximate of 13 million visitors every year.


Crissy Field

If you fancy taking an epic walk from the hostel to the Golden Gate Bridge (and it can be done!), a great spot to hit is Crissy Field, a little beachy area on the approach to the bridge itself. You can get great views of the bridge, of Alcatraz and of the city behind you, and it's just a generally beautiful spot - favoured especially by joggers and dog-walkers. You'll probably be tired from the walk so far, so take a seat and enjoy the scenery for a little while...