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Stay here at Pacific Tradewinds, meet new friends (and returning guests)... somehow you'll find yourself recommending it to others :-)

Travelers definitely enjoy meeting new friends and the staff in Pacific Tradewinds that they look forward of coming back.

We like to think we have a clean hostel.   However, it's always nice to hear it from the guests. 

This is awesome.   You really have to hear this review from a Beat Boxing guest. 

Thank you for staying at Pacific Tradewinds and we hope you come back soon.

Berkeley Guides: California '96 with Las Vegas and The Great Canyon - On the loose, on the cheap, off the beaten path

The Berkeley Guides: California '96 with Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon

...On the Loose, On the Cheap, Off the Beaten Path

The Moneywise Guide to North America 1996 Edition USA plus Canada and Mexico: "Clean, comfortable dorms. Centrally and conveniently located in Chinatown, close to Market St. and all public transport."

The Moneywise Guide to North America - 1996 Edition USA plus Canada and Mexico

'Very friendly and homely atmospher.' 'Best accommodation I stayed in.' 'Great! Can't recommend this place strongly enough.'

Let's Go: The Budget Guide to California Including Hawaii 1997 - Hostel Review

Let's Go The Budget Guide to California Including Hawaii

For those who don't mind sharing a room with two to seven strangers, San Francisco's hostels definitely outdo its budget hotels. The better hostels are cleaner and safer than most budget hotels, have friendlier and more helpful staffs, and cost much less. Booking your stay in advance is advisable, especially during the summer, but it's not uncommon to find a few vacancies if you call or walk in early.

Hostel Guidebook review from South Korea

Attached guidebook review was excerpted from a Samsung published book sent by our friend from South Korea with below additional comment:

Small but clean and would feel very comfortable atmosphere while you stay in this hostel. The staff in this hostel is kind so many backpackers love this place. Located nearby China town and one block away to cable car stop. You would find easy access to transportation. Internet is free, you can use the kitchen.

The staff were helpful and seemed to have the welcoming/arrival speech down. The other guests were quiet when they were supposed to be and the bathrooms were clean. They will also wash your laundry for you for a fee which was helpful for me on my long road trip.

Great experience. Arrived just before midnight and had no problem checking in. Didn't spend much time at the place but it was nice to have a bed for the night and to be able to shower at the end of the day. Location is a 5 minute walk from a bus that was 2.50 to take me to golden gate park for the day. I walked from here to Coit tower/Lombard st/Golden gate bridge which took maybe 3 or 4 hours at a leisurely pace taking pictures along the way. Would stay here again for the value being in SF!

This hostel is one of the world's best and beautiful I came across in San Francisco.

Those people are the real beautiful ones who appreciate our friendship more than just a place to stay. 

Everything was great. The people were so friendly, the Chinatown location was ideal, and the place was so clean (which is important -- I have stayed in hostels where the showers are nasty and disgusting -- definitely not the case at Pacific Tradewinds, where the showers were immaculate and clean).

Wonderful people, great environment. Would suggest to anyone in the area looking for a place to stay!

I only have good words about the hostel. It's by far the best I've been to. Many thanks to all the staff for the awesome time I had :o).

Suggestion Form: We would appreciate it if you would please take a few minutes to give your opinion about what we could do to make Pacific Tradewinds even better for future guests.

Just to share what our guests, Hippo and Gorilla, wrote in our Suggestion Form:

What did you like the most about staying with us? - The friendly atmosphere, the internet access and free coffee is always a plus too!

Were there any disappointments? - None at all

If you could change one thing about Pacific Tradewinds, what would it be? - 

Please add any additional comments that you wish. - Our favorite hostel so far :)

Pacific Tradewinds suggestion form with face ratings

Read below filled-up suggestion form about Pacific Tradewinds:

What did you like the most about staying with us? - The diversity of culture, language, and experience. Absolutely amazing.

Where there any disappointments? - No

If you could change one thing about Pacific Tradewinds, what would it be? - It's perfect the way it is.

Suggestion Form from Hitoko, Hiromi & Laure

Hiroko, Hiromi & Laure wrote their opinions about Pacific Tradewinds:

What did you like the most about staying with us? - Atmosphere (really friendly), free internet, information available, staff helpful

Were there any disappointments? ---

If you could change one thing about Pacific Tradewinds, what would it be? ---

Please add any additional comments that you wish. - Thank you for your arrangement. We're very satisfied with this hostel.

Good location for nearby touristic attractions. You will meet and make friends with a lot of people from many parts of the world. Be opened for sharing bath and room

It was the most friendly hostel that I have stayed at! Easy to find, safe and in the centre of everything. Reasonably priced for the part of San Francisco. I only had time for one night. The internet was quick too!

Nice place to stay. Super friendly and helpful guys, great opportunity to meet people from around the world. Also this hostel has unique featured that I didn't see anywhere else - they can wash socks for free everyday (so there's no odor in the shared room), they always have some free food, and you can buy some basic drinks and snacks right on the reception (no need to go outside if you don't want to!)


Google Translation of the Text:

Everyone in the staff was very friendly and took me to various places and it was a lot of fun. It was good to choose this hostel.

excellent hostel . quite relaxed, clean , good kitchen, good bathrooms....great location. great secure entrance. good lockers under beds. really good.

The location was clean and the hosts were very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my stay!

Fantastic! Stayed here instead of a hotel because I was traveling on my own and didn't know anyone. Well, I am really glad I made that decision. Ended up going out with people from the hostel every night and had a blast meeting other travelers from all over the world. Everything was clean and comfortable, and there is a real community atmosphere like other reviewers have said. Lots of people just come here to hang out, apparently. The location is great, literally right next to Chinatown.