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Is your hostel accessible?

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As travelers from all over the world, we are all "differently-abled" and Pacific Tradewinds is welcoming to everyone.  At the moment we are not yet ADA accessible in all ways. We are located in a historic buiding, and therefore not wheelchair accessible. However, we are actively persuing all reasonable ADA improvements and await approval from the city of San Francisco to begin construction improvements based on the recommendations of our CASp inspector. These will include double handrails and visual alert strips in our stairwell, automatic door openers, and a new ADA accessible bathroom with a seated hand shower. We already accommodate many guests with disabilities, so please let us know if you need any particular accessibilty accommodations for your stay. We will always accommdate your needs - either at our hostel or, if necessary, we will find equalvalent accomodations at a nearby hostel for no additional cost. We will update this page as our hostel becomes more and more ADA accessible.