SF Pride Celebration Saturday at Dolores Park

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Saturday, June 24, 2017
    You haven’t really experienced Dolores Park at its craziest/wildest/happiest until you’ve been to Dolores on PRIDE weekend! Get ready for thousands- yes, several thousands- of people to descend upon one of our pride & joys (no pun intended :-P) armed with as many rainbows, glitter, smiles, and over the top attitude they can muster. LGBTQ Pride in San Francisco is like a rite of passage and our city population has nearly doubled in the past with the influx of visitors. While the main official festivities happen on Sunday (like the parade) there is tons going on for Saturday as well, including the Dyke March and Dykes on Bikes parade. Both of these happen in Mission, the neighborhood where Dolores Park is located so hanging out there is right in the middle of the action. So put on as much color as you can, meet Katharina at the hostel at 1pm and head to the magic!    
Meeting place: 
Hostel common room