Outdoor Movie Night @ Pier 39- Fisherman’s Wharf

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Friday, May 26, 2017
Sometimes watching a movie while you travel seems silly, since you can watch a movie anywhere right? But what about an outdoor movie, in a famous location, with views of Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz? Now we’re talking. Every last Friday of the month until September is outdoor movie night at Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf, and it’s FREE! Just don’t forget to head the very real advice of “grab your blankets”. SF is notoriously chilly at night, year round, something that confuses even the most seasoned of traveler. Especially since our summer is often colder than our winter, thanks to the infamous Karl the Fog. It’s confusing, and it’s weird, just like SF. Grab a blanket and a cuddle buddy, and embrace it. This Friday’s showing is The Princess Diaries. Join Eri at the hostel at 7:30pm to head to the pier. Don’t forget a coat! The latest movies & show start times can all be found here: https://www.pier39.com/outdoor-movie-nights/ Photo courtesy of https://www.pier39.com/outdoor-movie-nights/    
Meeting place: 
Hostel common room