Motown on Mondays @ Madrone Art Bar

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Monday, November 20, 2017
    There are lots of fun bars in San Francisco and one of our favorites has an epic Monday night party called Motown on Mondays. Madrone Art Bar has an atmosphere of quirky art and throwback vibes. It's not too often you hear true old school music anymore when you go out so not only is it a blast, it's a fresh break from the norm. And if you happen to be traveling with one of your parents extra bonus points for bringing them out to something they'll actually enjoy. Who knows, they may even show you up with some dance moves from their younger days. And if you’re flying solo, grab a new hostel friend and head out for a really fun night. Doors open at 6 and you can boogie til 2am. Get there before 9pm for no cover; after 9pm is $3. Picture courtesy of    
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Madrone Art Bar

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