LGBTQ Pride Photo Exhibit & Fabulous Celebration

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Sunday, July 23, 2017
      San Francisco has a really important LGBTQ history. One of the most powerful ways to learn about it is through photos taken over the years of iconic moments both big and small. The Harvey Milk Photography Center has been celebrating Pride this year with a special exhibition that is not to be missed. Harvey Milk was one of the most influential activists for the gay rights movement before he was tragically murdered in San Francisco City Hall in 1978. This year’s exhibit was in collaboration with the late Gilbert Baker, the designer of the infamous rainbow pride flag, an internationally recognized symbol of LGBTQ Pride. Baker passed away just a few months ago. The exhibit will also include artists, writers, and photographers from the community. Join us for a special and fabulous celebration for the final day to honor this community. Meet Chad in the hostel at 11:30am to go together. Photo courtesy of    
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Hostel common room