Karaoke in the Castro

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Hosted by Staff
Monday, August 14, 2017
      What is it about a little bit of liquid courage that just makes people want to stand up and sing their hearts out? It’s like some mysterious connection that the more people drink, the greater the chance they want to serenade those around them. If you love checking out this phenomenon via karaoke, and you're up for an adventurous night out, then you should definitely head to The Lookout in the Castro on a Monday night. Our gayborhood is never short of crazy times, and with crazy cheap drinks this night is sure to be no different. Participation is highly encouraged since the only thing more fun than watching other people drunkenly sing is to be the one doing it. So whether you want to just laugh along or give it a go, head down this Monday for a night out in the Castro. Meet Ryan in the hostel at 9pm to go as a group. Photo courtesy of http://www.lookoutsf.com/    
Meeting place: 
Hostel common room