How to Bike Golden Gate Bridge With New Friends

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
The best part about backpacking is the chance to turn strangers into near instant friends. There’s something about travelers that bonds them together quickly, even whey aren’t sleeping two feet away from each other. And what better way to spend the day with your new friends than a quintessential San Francisco activity? Join Phil from the hostel at 10am to head to the bike rental shop where you’ll pay $16 (half price!) for an entire day rental. We get great discounts for our guests. From there you’ll head out to explore the coastline, bike over the bridge, and take the ferry from Sausalito back once you’ve had enough. The ferry is an extra $12 but if you really want to be cheap you can just bike back the way you came. :-)    
Meeting place: 
Hostel common room