Compassion in Travel: Help Give Back to SF’s Homeless

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
We often hear from travelers that they want to experience the “real” version of the places they visit, and that they want to give back. Part of the reality of San Francisco is our very large homeless population. The reasons for this can be numerous and complicated, but taking time to help is simple, loving, and compassionate. The Street Store is a concept that started in South Africa a few years ago and has spread around the world. Clothes are donated by the community, and then displayed in the world’s first rent-free, premise-free, and straight up fully free pop-up clothing store for the homeless. Those who are in need can come and shop with dignity for belongs they actually want and need. If you’d like to join, RSVP w/ Chad ahead of time, and then meet him in the hostel at 8:15am to head out.   More info can be found here:   Photo courtesy of @thestreetstoreorg Instagram.    
Meeting place: 
Hostel common room