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Bloggers: Make money while helping travelers


Travel Bloggers: Make money while helping travelers

Pacific Tradewinds Hostel is working hard to provide the best value to travelers visiting San Francisco.  That's why we are rated as the #1 hostel on Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook.  It's also why we have chosen not to be listed on big OTA sites that charge high commissions (sometimes as much as 20%).  These commissions mean higher prices for travelers without a corresponding increase in value.
We'd rather give that commission to travel bloggers and content based websites that actually help and inspire travelers with real information.   That's why we have developed our own commission program where we give you up to 20% commission for every guest you refer to our hostel.  Better still, unlike the big OTAs that only compensate you for the initial reservation, we will provide a commission for the entire stay!  So if a guest decides to extend their stay, you get a commission on those nights also.  And, if you prefer, we can give your readers a discount on their stay as well. 
We think it’s important to fairly compensate bloggers and websites like yours, who put so much effort into helping travelers find the best deals on travel. While you are adding real value to the budget travel industry, (in our opinion) the major OTAs only care about competing with each other. 
As a result of OTA price wars, the commissions hotels and hostels need to pay to these OTAs are drastically increasing, This, in turn, is raising costs to the traveler without a corresponding increase in value. At the same time, these OTAs are are doing everything they can to reduce the income they pay to affiliate websites like yours. 
If we pay you directly, you’ll get more income and we can pass better value to our guests. Our direct booking affiliate program is both generous and seamless to use and it will provide you with reports and email notifications each time one of your readers checks into our hostel. Here’s a sample report. 
Would you be interested in starting with our affiliate program and earning more money from your website efforts? If so, please contact us.

Need a free office in San Francisco? 

If you need a place to work while in San Francisco, ask us about your travel bloggers office.  We have a quiet room set aside just for travel bloggers.  In addition, just down the street, we have video and audio equipment, external monitors and other free equipment for digital nomads and travel bloggers visiting San Francisco.  
Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to work with you soon!
Pacific Tradewinds Hostel