Can't I just use Hostelworld to find San Francisco hostels?

Many travelers find it helpful to use a booking site like Hostelworld when searching for a hostel. However, it's important to note that not every hostel is actually listed on a site like Hostelworld (or and others for that matter). There are many hostels throughout the world (as well as a few in San Francisco, including ours) that have chosen not to list their hostel on these booking sites.


Because these sites usually charge a high commission to the hostel. While high commissions are usually accepted practice in hotels, budget-oriented hostels know these high commissions result in higher costs to guests and they simply want to keep hostels affordable. On top of this, some booking sites also charge a booking fee to the traveler when making the booking as well! Savvy travelers always do their own research and book hostels directly to save money.

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